Saihate no Paladin – Official Trailer 2

The Faraway Paladin – Official Trailer 2

Alternate Titles:
Saihate no Paladin
Paladin of the End

Adventure, Fantasy

Original Story: Kanata Yanagino
Original Illustration: Oda Tomohito
Director: Yu Shinoda
Character Design: Koji Haneda
Animation Production: Children’s Playground Entertainment

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© Kanata Yanagino, OVERLAP/The Faraway Paladin Production Committee

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44 thoughts on “Saihate no Paladin – Official Trailer 2

  1. Man, I remember finding the manga and thinking this was going to be the usual OP MC Isekai

    I honestly enjoyed it a lot! I’ve forgotten most of it but I really liked how this story uses religion and stuff

  2. Should have made an anime about the skeleton soldier who couldn’t protect the dungeon, it’s way better than this

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