The Best Non-Japanese Animation | The N-ko Show | Netflix Anime

N-ko recommends some of her favorite non-Japanese animation.


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The Best Non-Japanese Animation | The N-ko Show | Netflix Anime


28 thoughts on “The Best Non-Japanese Animation | The N-ko Show | Netflix Anime

  1. I watched Voltron as it was coming out, it was quite good but I don’t remember too much of it now… Midnight Gospel was super weird, but the good type of weird. Same for Rick and Morty, though you’ll only get what is going on if you have a high IQ.

    Would it be possible to get some weekly favourites on your favourite voice actors/animation studios/directors as well? That way you could recommend a few more series than usual, while also shining light on some people more behind the scenes.

  2. Did she really just recommend rick and morty as a anime that all age groups including children to watch??? Rick and morty is a good show but it certainly is not a anime or appropriate for children to watch recently they literally made a entire episode making fun of anime and voltron so I'm just a little shocked by the recommendation even if it's a good show

  3. Wakfu es excelente, con esa bella animación (la mejor animación que vi en mí vida) y como la serie se torna más oscura con el correr de los capítulos

    Voltron fue buena menos con su final, el cual fue algo decepcionante y está producido por el legendario Studio Mir quien nos trajo joyas animadas como La Leyenda de Korra y Mortal Kombat Revenge of Scorpion

  4. I love that Midnight Gospel is included. I love that show so much!

    One my my favorite fun facts about Pendleton Ward is his show Adventure Time had a guest episode by Masaaki Yuasa.

  5. I'm sorry N-KO, but how could you say that Rick and Morty is good for all ages including children? It is literally one of the most inappropriate adult cartoons out there lol. There's a lot of cursing, sexual themes, and just a lot of other things not for kids whatsoever

  6. I'm really digging Dragon Prince so far. There are so many good non-anime animations on Netflix. I'd check out Hilda for those folk who want a comfy show with some darker themes mixed in. I'm pushing Voltron up on my watchlist. Thanks N-ko

  7. salut N-ko, je suis nouveau sur la chaine et j'aime bien tes vidéos. un des animés non japonais que j'ai beaucoup aimé est Huntik : À la recherche des Titans, je ne sais pas si tu connais ou si tu en as déjà parler. Il est très intéressant et parle de mythologie et d'histoire. Merci pour ton travail!! Mes amitiés

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