Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 12 Preview

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47 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 12 Preview

  1. Ooowee they better hit us with that “Vogel im Käfig” on that SCENE or even during the rumbling throughout the world🔥

  2. Commander Magath and Commander shadis.
    One of the greatest crossovers in AoT history.
    Lasted for 2 minutes, but the emotions were eternal.

  3. It feels nice to see we'll get more of Eren in this final episode. I love Armin, Mikasa and co's storyline but goddamn, I'm hype to see more of Eren and likewise, the fate of Zeke. He's obviously not dead so I wanna see what he's up to

  4. If it needs 30+ episodes and three parts, it should have never been called the final season. Part one should have been season 4. Part two season 5. The actual final season being season 6. Or make season 5 the final season and split that into the 12 we just got and whatever is needed to finish.

    At 15 eps and 12 eps, respectively, part one and part two were long enough to just be called their own seasons

  5. Ok so let's take a moment to talk about out of all the Honorary Marleyans plus Marleyan Candidates 5 died (Porco, Colt, Zofia, Udo, Bertholt), 1 betrayed Marley (Zeke), 4 have 4 years left to live (Zeke, Reiner, Annie, Pieck) while one has 13 years to live (Falco). In that sense only one of them is normal, Gabi.

  6. Dawn of humanity, next episode after this will be 'The rumbling" and after that there will be 'Wings of freedom' and anime watchers are not ready for this ep

  7. the 5% mikasa lubers in the chat be like- i like the manga ending why is its so hated,why does everyone hate that mikasa kissed erens dead body and fucked jean,why guys,dont be mean,manga ending is not bad

    srsly it needs an anime original ending

  8. What if they increased the time limit of the finale to 3 hours which is not possible but listen theres 9 more chapters and also doing a moving will be preety dumb because hate will lead up to mappa for hyping it so much

  9. I want to be optimistic…but I believe the last episode or the upcoming one was/will be the last good episode.
    Almost everyone will start clowning on the show it’s gonna suck 🙁
    So sad about the ending, but doesn’t change the fact that the series is amazing up until that point.

  10. Wait is this gonna be the last ever episode or is there gonna be a final season part 3 or a movie or a long last video or what’s going on

  11. If they gonna made a movie, I hope they will start it with the old classic 'That day, humanity remembered… the terror of being ruled by them. The humiliation of being kept in a cage.' Then show the wall titans came out of the smoke and then show eren.

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