210530 ITZY “M.P.A. In the morning” + Daladala [4K] (Jamsil Baseball Stadium)

210530_2021 KBO League Professional Baseball Cleaning Time Celebration Performance (LG Twins vs Kiwoom Heroes) ITZY “Ma.P.A. In the morning” + Dala Dala (Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yuna) (YEJI, LIA, RYUJIN, CHAERYEONG, YUNA) 4K Fancam video editing and re-upload prohibited (DO NOT EDIT, RE-UPLOAD this video)


44 thoughts on “210530 ITZY “M.P.A. In the morning” + Daladala [4K] (Jamsil Baseball Stadium)

  1. I feel so bad for LIA the most! Look at these comments. Even IF YOU think they’re positive. It’s not. Ever since ITZY debuted all you have talked about is LIA needing improvement or FINALLY she improved. Etc! Jesus you think idols don’t read these comments EVERYWHERE. It’s kinda hard to miss them. For the REST of her career. All she will read is the same comments as below here. Same ones! Try and think of more positive comments. She doesn’t need to be reminded, or thinking, or assuming, or…. That she is or was an epic failure dancing in the public’s eyes. Ya know the same eyes that is sitting on their beds right now eating food. 🤦‍♀️ it’s hurtful and it’s old. If you see anyone still posting these “so called positive comments.” They should be called out. That’s not why she’s working her butt off daily. She doesn’t want to be remembered as an “improved” idol. That’s saying she wasn’t good enough to begin with. Stop! For real. Jesus no wonder idols suffer health problems all the time and think suicidal thoughts that need to be shoved down by a society full of a**es. Lia IS beautiful, smart, funny, a great singer, an outstanding dancer, thoughtful, loving, and ALWAYS was these things. If you want to focus on anything. Focus on the guy behind them with his camera the whole time only getting butt views. 🤦‍♀️ grow up! The age shows on these idols pages and fan pages.

  2. Just ridiculous to be wearing masks in this instance. Any exercise that has Cardio…keep your masks off…very very bad to be breathing in the particles of the mask and the Co2.

  3. Bcs nobody is talking about Yuna I will talk about her. She did it so great. She is talented. She is so young. For me she have the best stage presence💕

  4. I swear idols can dance in any condition, environment. Being ike soldiers. Sun, heat, rain, wind, snow? who's that lmao

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