Google Pixel 6 series with a new wireless charger, rumored to support 23W wireless fast charging

In the past period of time, there have been rumors in the market that Google’s new Pixel Stand wireless charger has a built-in fan to help cool down, which also triggered the argument that the upcoming Pixel 6 series supports higher-power wireless charging. According to information obtained by the foreign website Android Police from US retail channels, the new Pixel Stand with the Pixel 6 series is expected to support 23W wireless fast charging.

According to sources from Android Police, one of the major U.S. telcos has begun to introduce peripheral accessories for the upcoming Pixel 6 series. One of them happens to be the new Pixel Stand. The name displayed in the inventory system is “GOOGLE PIXEL 23W WL STAND “It is expected to support 23W wireless fast charging, which also means that the wireless charging speed of the Pixel 6 series is even faster than the wired charging speed of previous generations of Pixel phones.

Although the rumors have to wait until the product is officially launched to confirm whether it is true, according to the current information, the 23W specification is not only a big upgrade than the current Pixel Stand’s maximum charging power of 10W, but also better than Samsung and Apple’s original charging accessories , But still not as good as the wireless fast charging solutions of major manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OPPO.

As for general charging, it is currently rumored that Google hopes to support up to 33W wired charging. The details have not yet been determined; however, it has been confirmed that from the Pixel 5a just released in the United States and Japan to the Pixel 6 series, the random charger will be cancelled. This practice is the same as that of Apple and Samsung.

In fact, when Google launched the Pixel 3 series, it also provides Pixel Stand wireless charging accessories for purchase; when the phone is charged through the Pixel Stand, it can also provide various visual experiences, such as using the phone as a digital photo frame with Google Photos, and There is a sunrise alarm function, which allows the phone screen to simulate the situation of sunrise light 15 minutes before the alarm sounds.

(First image source: Google Blog)

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