8/13 PBE Update: Skin Bios, Chromas, Balance Changes

The New 8/13 PBE Update has been shipped to the PBE on Friday. This one includes chromas, bios for Phoenix skins, and something even more sinister than the crime city’s skinline. Read below for more information.

8/13 PBE Update:


  • Skin bios added to the PBE:
    • Skinline: “Phoenixmancers”
    • Divine Phoenix Anivia: “The legendary fenghuang watches over the world, awaiting the rise of selfless champions. Anivia grants power to those who fight for others with bravery and kindness in their hearts.”
    • Graceful Phoenix Seraphine: “A champion of the common folk, Seraphine’s music united her community in defense against a mysterious force that sought to wipe them out. The fenghuang heard Seraphine’s graceful song, and blessed her with the power to fight the darkness back.”
    • Brave Phoenix Xayah: “Xayah is a defender of ancient magic, protecting relics and places of great power from those who would use them for evil. Honoring her service, the fenghuang bestowed upon her a single feather, granting Xayah impossible power.”


Crime City Nightmare Akali

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