ARE THEY CHEATERS?! – Eternal Fire vs AIRLYA – Funspark ULTI 2021 – HIGHLIGHTS | CSGO

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ARE THEY CHEATERS?! – Eternal Fire vs AIRLYA – Funspark ULTI 2021 – HIGHLIGHTS | CSGO

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26 thoughts on “ARE THEY CHEATERS?! – Eternal Fire vs AIRLYA – Funspark ULTI 2021 – HIGHLIGHTS | CSGO

  1. I'm macedonian and I feel like they're ruining the image for maybe an actual pro macedonian team in the future. Like come on I could hide cheats better, plus it's not fair to play without recorded comms and without an anti cheat.

  2. Everyone saying they cheat and Eternal had some amazing shots/kills …. Because you dont know the players doesn’t mean they are not good at the game this game exists for 2 decades and there are people who never go pro but can take on a pro team dont judge i saw the clip 3 times cant find anything wrong!!! They just out aim them
    All i saa is good team work from the Macedonian team and the Turkish team just underestimate the enemy

  3. 34:30 This is actually the most suspicious thing. This weird angle and holding it when you have an enemy on the right, then after the kill he just goes "Guess I just run with my knife" lol wtf is that you can't be so cautious and just go "oh I killed one, just run with knife it's ok".

  4. This is a parody of a game and has been since first Cheater-Strike from 2000. All these "pros" hack so they look more "spectacular" to watch, but not to true pros who see what they are doing. Everyone thinking anyone can play like this (that good) is a ret4rd.

  5. During a lot of the suspicious clips they seemingly randomly crouch and uncrouch in between the flicks / locks / crosshair placment….it's kind of REALLY weird and you'll notice they do it when they throw utility sometimes as well. The players made it very clear their PCs were cleard of any "freshly installed suspicious files." in response to being asked what investigation occured. They specifically avoided mentioning that the players hardware WAS NOT checked. Mice, Keyboards, any sort of USB device or Bluetooth paired device, those were all left unchecked.

  6. Just because someone beat xantares and wox in same team doesnt mean they are automatically walling or hacking, they just played better this day thats it

  7. 27:14 If he was not cheating,he would not want to make noise and spot himself. Definitely wallhacking or something. And he also moved the mouse a bit when issa moved haahahaha.

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