Just 25 Smart, Irreverent And Downright Hilarious Tweets From Women This Week

Ok so maybe this week wasn’t exactly the best week ever for a lot of women, specifically as it pertains to their reproductive rights, but...

Dark Comics About Horribly Optimistic Kevin

Most optimists can be a little pessimistic at times, and no matter how much they want to believe their glass will always be half full...


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Super Antics by Kerry Callen

Kerry Callen is a talented illustrator and book author who loves depicting the humorous adventures of the golden age Superman, his friends, and all the...

He right tho

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Here’s A List Of Who Snagged Trophies At The 2022 BET Awards

While the red carpet was definitely a must-see, the winners of the 2022 BET Awards is what everyone wanted to see–and luckily some of your...

190811 있지 (ITZY) WANT IT? [예지] YEJI 직캠 Fancam (2019롯데패밀리콘서트) by Mera

190811_2019 LOTTE DUTY FREE FAMILY FESTIVAL CONCERT 있지 (ITZY) WANT IT? 4K Fancam 영상편집 및 재업로드 금지 (DO NOT EDIT, RE-UPLOAD this video) . source

손인사 눈인사 해주는 블랙핑크 제니 (블랙핑크팬사인회 분당AK플라자)

180624 블랙핑크 BLACKPINK 제니 JENNIE - 대기중 손인사 눈인사 해 주는 제니 (블랙핑크팬사인회 분당AK플라자) 직캠 fancam by zam source